When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples go for summer months but the brave choose Autumn 🙂 The weather in the UK is incredibly unpredictable so you have equal chances of rain whenever you decide to get married. Obviously, it is not a problem if you pick a professional wedding photographer who knows how to deal with any weather conditions.
Stacey & Jamie went for a low key ceremony and reception in November, and their wedding colours complimented beautiful autumnal colour of the leaves! We did get lucky with the weather, although it became very cold in the evening. Still no excuse not to get out there for a couple of just married couple portraits! Also a very important thing to remember – it gets dark really quickly and the wedding day should be planned accordingly to accomodate all family photos when there is still some day light left.
Evening is the time to get creative with flash to create stunning wedding day portraits for bride and groom!
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