Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Shropshire wedding photographer for creative couples who are looking to have a fun and relaxed wedding day in the beautiful countryside. I create elegant and timeless photographs that will tell the story of your day and will look contemporary even decades later.
Wedding photographer in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands

capturing Your day as it happens
Every wedding if full of little moments that you would most definitely want to preserve. I am here to help document those happy tears and joyful smiles, hugs from your closest and dearest people and everything inbetween! Not to forget about very classic and timeless looking images with a bit of direction, just enough for you to look good to the camera.  All you need is to be yourselves and fully enjoy your special day, I will take care of images to help you relive it for years to come!
Hi, I am Marina, a Shropshire based wedding photographer. I am a big fan of doing Les Mills workouts, drinking pink gin and binge watching Friends.
I take your wedding very seriously - it is not a photoshoot, it is a massive stepstone in your life and and all the photos should reflect your personality, they don't need to be perfect. No posing, just being yourself and having fun while creating beautiful memories. When nobody in your family wants to listen about your wedding planning, I'd still be very much interested!
Real love stories
Juliette & Robert
My husband and I were looking for someone to photograph our Autumn wedding day, despite the challenges we faced during what was the height of the pandemic. Marina's professionalism, care and consideration put us at ease immediately - there was absolutely no doubt she was the person for the job!
She took the time to get to know us and understand our requirements as well as making some excellent suggestions on how we could make the most of capturing our day under such unique circumstances. 
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